"Creation is ready to serve you, if  you just be you!"

Yogi Bhajan

Everything starts with you!

About Wilbrand 
and Kundalini Yoga

My name is Wilbrand Schothuis and I am a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and certified coach.

Before that I worked in IT for almost 20 years. Stress, tight deadlines and performance were my everyday modus operandi. Which ultimately left me more distant from myself than ever.

Kundalini yoga has helped me to find myself again and to get to my essence. And from there I pay it forward!

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This is what I have to offer

Ecstatic Dance DJ

Ecstatic Dance is all about your process. The bedding is simple. We dance barefoot, are silent and respect eachothers boundaries.
As an Ecstatic Dance DJ I take you on a magical journey with yourself.

Kundalini Yoga coaching

Sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned. Then there are questions and you may (temporarily) get stuck. Do you feel that you are on your own. I support you on your path as a man to get everything clear. So that you can continue.

15D Auraclearing

We all have an invisible field (for most) around us what we call the aura. An energy body.
This energy body is sensitive and open to energies that do not belong there. I'm clearing your aura.


Feel free...

Do you have a question or do you want to know something else, feel free to contact me!

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