15D Aura Clearing

Everyone has an energy field around them, a body of light, also called the aura. Within this field are energy portals, called the chakras.

Many people are unaware of this energy field and so unconsciously go through life with all sorts of ailments, problems, karmic contracts, unresolved issues and/or thought forms that are impeding the optimal flow of life energy that is naturally present.

In an aura clearing session, I focus on your aura and walk through all 15 chakras one by one to see if any unwanted energies have taken hold and are sucking energy from your field. By connecting with my and your higher self I make contact with your aura and transmute and remove these unwanted energies. So that afterwards you can feel lighter and freer again and move through life.

Perhaps this all sounds a bit "floaty," I can well imagine. Therefore, below I will make a practical translation to the session.

Before a session

We start with a free introduction/intake to explore what I can help you with and to answer questions. No obligations yet. I ask my higher self if I can help you and if I get a "Yes" then we can proceed. Otherwise, the process stops here.


I work remotely when doing an Aura Clearing session. This is so that you can be in optimal relaxation. Without distractions, including from me.

So make sure you are in a room where you cannot be disturbed. During the session there is special music of which I will send you the link. This music supports clearing your energy field. It is most effective if you listen to this music through headphones.

The session

Once you lie in a relaxed position then I start the clearing and spend about 45 to 50 minutes. After this I will contact you.

After the clearing

After the session, it is very important to drink plenty of water for several days. This is necessary to support the process of integration and recovery. Water is the conductor for the light to flow back into your physical body and cells where the energetic blockages resided.

I will continue to check in with you from time to time to see how things are going and no longer than 3 weeks after that time.

The rest I will explain to you at an introduction/intake where there is also room for questions.


  • do you feel like you're stuck
  • do you feel unexplainably tired or different
  • do you feel restless and fearful
  • are there thoughts you can't get rid off
  • do you feel like you can't be yourself
  • do you say things you don't recognize as your own

In short, do you want to feel freer and calmer? Then maybe an Aura Clearing session is for you.

You can schedule a free intake and together we'll see if and what I can do for you.

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