Ecstatic Dance

Wat is Ecstatic Dance?

A free and conscious way of dancing where you let your body guide you on the rhythm of the music. This creates a flow with yourself (and possibly others). From there anything can happen. It totally depends on what wants to be felt and how far you feel comfortable to let yourself go. You create your own safe containter.

Ecstatic Dance is playful and free. Loving and warm. In connection with source, yourself and, if you choose to, others. It is your process and dance.

Dancing in a safe container created by the following rules:

  • We dance bare feet (if possible)
  • We do not speak on the dance floor
  • We dance as we are
  • If anyone wants to dance with you and you are not up for it you can decline with a Namaste gesture
  • De dance space is sacred. No drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.

And that makes the evening about You. In contact with yourself and when okay, with others

As a DJ I create a landscape with music that you can dance to and wherein you can let yourself go completely. It's a musical journey.

I do this thru a mix of different musical genres, tempo and emotions. Every mix is unique and has it's own flow.

On my Mixcloud page I share some of my mixes. En also I create energetic frequency mixes. This is a different kind of mix and it is not related to the Ecstatic Dance.

You can listen here

Are you curious about Ecstatic Dance or would you like to book me as a DJ please feel free to contact me.

I am looking forward to it.

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